Know which vehicles are blocking others
Know who has the key to vehicles
Know where your vehicle stock is located
Do you need to know how long vehicles stay on your site for?

Do you like to know which vehicles are being shown to customers?

Do you ever have issues finding keys or vehicles on your site?

Do you ever find vehicles blocked in by other vehicles and then spend ages trying to track down where the keys are?

Imagine being able to answer all of these questions from the palm of your hand.

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The smartphone way to locate keys …and their vehicles is a smartphone app, free when you buy codes.

Stick the codes on your vehicles, keys, documents or accessories.

Point your smartphone at the codes to automatically send encrypted data (including time/date/location) to the online database.

Then use the App on your phone to find where any associated vehicles, keys, document or accessories are.  The software will show you the location of keys or vehicles and even if someone currently holds the keys.  We also have an API to make it easy to connect with other systems within the dealership.

Free Android application linked to your dealership

FREE app to download to Android based phones and tablet devices.

Free Apple App linked to your dealership

FREE app to download to Apple phones and tablet devices.

Virtual Key Management

Using your own existing key storage system, you can add full audit trails providing information on who has had the keys.  Providing equivalent functionality to expensive electronic key systems


Using the FREE app you can find the geographical location of vehicles on your site or sites, and find where keys are or who has them.

Complete Audit trail of all key movements

Using the software you can find out who is holding keys now or who has held keys at any point in time. system uses the latest cloud technology and AI

We utilise the latest cloud technology, all of our data is encrypted to military levels so is super secure.  We also use Artificial Intelligence to read in details to speed up the system use. Ltd, Stevenage, Hertfordshire. UK

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