Know which process step a vehicle is at?
Know exactly which stage vehicles are in prep or PDI
Know which process step a vehicle is at?
Blocked vehicles, completely managed.
Know which vehicles are blocking others
Blocked vehicles, completely managed.
Where is your stock?
Know where your vehicle stock is located
Where is your stock?
Who holds the keys?
Know who has the key to vehicles
Who holds the keys?
Welcome to the website. is a smartphone app, free when you buy codes.  It is used to find keys, vehicles, accessories and other associated items. 

When we say ‘find’, what we actually mean is who has the item as well as its geographical location. 

The codes can be placed on vehicles, keys, document packs and accessories.  Simply use the app on your phone to read the code …and the details are automatically set up and stored.

Thus all related items are automatically associated with each other.  If you scan a code on one item, you can find the geographical location of the other automatically assigned items.  This also identifies the person who is currently holding the other item!

For more information about how can help with dealership processes, please select the relevant button to see examples.
The codes
  • At we use the latest military grade encryption, with all items and location details stored on our UK Home Office Approved servers

  • The codes themselves do not store any information

  • The codes are all generated by using our own in-house software

  • Each code is unique, for one-time use

  • Codes are locked to your dealership. Only authorised users located at your dealership or group can read the codes at your dealership. manages parking

All vehicles on your site have their locations automatically stored when parked using the mobile app.

If when a vehicle is parked it blocks another, this information is stored.

The next user of the blocked vehicle will be shown which other vehicles need moving …and where to find the required keys (your smartphone can guide you with a map and directions).

block parking2
car-transporter_drk manages vehicle processing

Vehicles may be at sites for various reasons:

PDI / Prep

Each one of these types of vehicle drop-offs will follow a process, we can pass this information back to you via the app or integrate with other tools you may already have, to show which stage the vehicle is at.

For example, a service customer would know when their car is in the workshop,

a sales customer would know when their car has arrived at site so delivery would be soon

The salesman can check to see at what stage his customer’s car has progressed through the PDI process location in Multi-level car parks

The smartphone app also has a multi-story mode that means when cars are parked in multi-level car parks the location is still accurately logged.

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